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Recovery processes by welding

At ARRI Machining, where excellence in machining merges with innovation, we recognise the complexity of machining parts, especially regarding large valves and valve bodies. This procedure, a secondary operation with high added value, not only completes the production of the parts but also involves strict quality control.

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Challenges of large machining

The industrial machining sector is characterized by the constant search for precision and efficiency, and within this goal, it encounters challenges such as large machining.

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Top Entry 3-way ball body

Large 3-way top entry ball valves and ball bodies, with a nominal diameter (DN) of 100 mm or larger, serve in applications that demand flow control of fluids under high pressures and temperatures. These valves are crucial in actively regulating fluid flow in demanding conditions, especially in high-pressure and temperature applications.

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Gate valve machining: a precision approach at Arri Machining

In ARRI Machining, we are specialists in machining all types of valves: gate valves, ball valves, globe valves, check valves, plug valves, butterfly valves... Trevisan machining machines have allowed us to machine these different types of valves and parts in other materials and of various sizes, even machining parts up to Ø2400mm by turning and 25t, thanks to the Trevisan DS 1200 model.

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