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Top Entry 3-way ball body

Large 3-way top entry ball valves and ball bodies, with a nominal diameter (DN) of 100 mm or larger, serve in applications that demand flow control of fluids under high pressures and temperatures. These valves are crucial in actively regulating fluid flow in demanding conditions, especially in high-pressure and temperature applications.

Large 3-way ball valves made from corrosion and wear-resistant materials like stainless steel are suitable for high-pressure environments due to their design to withstand heavy loads.

These valves find their applications across various sectors, including the oil & gas market, chemical industry and power generation. They play a crucial role in managing the flow of hazardous or toxic fluids and for high-pressure and temperature applications.

top entry 3 way ball body

Here are some specific instances of their utilisation:

  • Controlling Flow in Oil and Gas Pipelines: Operators use large 3-way ball valves to regulate the flow of oil and gas through pipelines, ensuring safe and efficient fluid movement.
  • Separating Phases in Refineries: These valves are instrumental in separating oil and gas phases, ensuring safe and efficient processing.
  • Managing Fluid Storage in Tanks: Large 3-way ball valves in storage tanks control fluid flow, ensuring safe and efficient storage of liquids.

Large 3-way ball valves are essential to many industrial applications, ensuring their safety and efficiency. These valves are integral to maintaining the effective operation of these applications.

At ARRI Machining, we leverage our expertise in machining valves, particularly top entry ball valves and 3-way ball valves,  to provide solutions for machining critical components of large dimensions on Trevisan centres. We machine extensive parts at the Trevisan 1200/450c machining centre, showcasing our capacity to handle substantial sizes or large dimensions.

Three-way ball body concept

The basic design of the three-way ball body consists of a structure with a central passage and two side passages. Inside the valve body is a ball that can rotate, usually at 90 degrees, to redirect the fluid flow in three different directions: inlet, outlet and a third direction, which could be a combination of both or complete blockage of the flow.

The three-way configuration allows for multiple functions:

  • Flow diversion: It can redirect the flow from one channel to another or allow it to flow simultaneously in two directions.
  • Mixing or blending of flows: Two flows can be combined in a single stream.
  • Complete flow shut-off: The ball can block the flow in all directions.

Example of the machining of a 3-way Top Entry ball valve body

The video shows the machining process of the 42-inch three-way ball body in our facilities, using the Trevisan 1200/450 machining centre with the capacity to machine large parts (up to ø2400 mm and 25 t).

The machining must meet precision and quality standards to ensure the valve operates efficiently, providing precise flow control in all three directions without leaks or blockages.

In summary, the three-way ball body is a vital component in valves that allow flow control in multiple directions, and its design and precise machining are fundamental to its functionality in various industrial applications.

At ARRI Machining, we are proud to have more than 30 years of experience being your partner in the machining of valves and fittings.

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