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Challenges of large machining

The industrial machining sector is characterized by the constant search for precision and efficiency, and within this goal, it encounters challenges such as large machining.

By its very definition, large machining faces the challenge of handling parts of considerable size, implying the need for technical skills and advanced technology. In this article by Talleres Mecánicos Arri, we will explore in depth what is involved in working with large parts, highlighting how state-of-the-art machinery and a multidisciplinary approach combine to overcome dimensional barriers and deliver optimal results in producing high-quality valves.

Challenges of large machining

Technology for machining large dimensions

Machining large valves requires going beyond conventional machinery. Machining large valves means having the right tools, such as the Trevisan DS1200 machine, capable of machining valves up to Ø2400 mm flange and 25 t.

The technology for machining large dimensions makes it possible to manufacture parts with crucial applications such as precise flow control in oil and gas wells, pressure regulation in extensive oil and gas pipeline networks, or essential phase separation in complex refinery operations. In addition, its contribution extends to the efficient storage of oil and gas in tanks, consolidating its importance across the entire spectrum of processes in the energy sector.

Alloys for precision machining

The choice of materials is another challenge in machining large dimensions since each material presents its own characteristics and difficulties during the machining process. From stainless steels to special alloys, inconel, duplex, or stellite, among others, at Arri, we look for a customized approach for each project and each material, optimizing the performance of the machinery and guaranteeing the durability and resistance of the resulting valves.

Arri, experts in large-diameter valves 

At Arri, we have over 30 years of experience combining technical expertise and advanced manufacturing technology with a multidisciplinary team of engineers and technicians who work closely together to address the specific challenges of each valve machining project. This comprehensive approach allows us to proactively identify potential problems and implement effective solutions at all stages of the valve machining process.

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