Alle Neuigkeiten bei ARRI

Machining of fittings

ARRI Machining closely aligns the valve market with the pipe and fittings market. We specialise in the machining of valves and the machining of high-specification fittings.


Committed to quality management

At Talleres Mecánicos Arri S.Coop. we continue to work with a management system based on continuous improvement. In our commitment to satisfy the needs of our customers, we continue to rely on process management based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard.  Our certification under this standard has been extended in the last recertification audit for the period 2022-2025.


New adquisition: TREVISAN DS450/130C

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our Trevisan machinery fleet, the Trevisan DS450/130C. With this new investment, Arri covers a range of dimensions that it did not have until now. We currently dispose the full range of Trevisan machinery, from the Trevisan DS300 to the Trevisan DS1200.


Fittings machining

The valve market is closely linked to the piping market and its connections. The ends of the pipes  have very different shapes and dimensions, in order to adapt to the needs of each application. It is often necessary to find a good solution for pipe machining.


Reduced lead times for valve body machining

Today our customers find themselves in a very demanding and unstable industrial environment. In this context, the demanded needs often require very short response times.

The valves sector is aimed at markets such as OIL&GAS, Nuclear, Desalination, Petrochemical, Mining... among others. These markets cover very diverse applications but in all of them there is a high demand to respond quickly to urgent needs. ARRI, aware of this market evolution, has a wide internal development in the clamping systems to have an immediate reaction.

The valve body machining service (among other components) offered by ARRI must necessarily be adapted to different special geometries depending on the requirements of each project. With in-house designed modular clamping systems, ARRI is able to clamp all kinds of parts with special geometries within 24 hours.