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Gate valve machining: a precision approach at Arri Machining

In ARRI Machining, we are specialists in machining all types of valves: gate valves, ball valves, globe valves, check valves, plug valves, butterfly valves... Trevisan machining machines have allowed us to machine these different types of valves and parts in other materials and of various sizes, even machining parts up to Ø2400mm by turning and 25t, thanks to the Trevisan DS 1200 model.

Among all the types of valve machining carried out by Arri, the machining of gate valves represents a fundamental pillar for engineering and industrial manufacturing. This service is the most commonly used type of valve in almost all fluid services, such as air, gas, fuel, water, steam, lubricating oil, and hydrocarbon, and serves to wholly or partially restrict the flow of fluids. Depending on the need, their gate or disc is positioned up or down inside the valve to open or close the fluid flow to a greater or lesser extent. We will tell you more about the critical role of gate valves and their possibilities.

The importance of gate valves in many industries

Regulating and controlling the flow of liquids and gases in piping systems are two crucial tasks in a wide range of industries, making the role of gate valves essential. One example is in the oil and gas sector, where gate valves play a crucial role in extracting, refining and transporting resources, ensuring that the flow direction is accurate and suitable for the installation. Gate valves also have an essential role in water and wastewater treatment, directing the flow of water in supply systems and controlling its treatment.

Gate valves are noted for their reliability and versatility, making them critical components in many industrial settings. In addition to ensuring controlled flow, their resistance to adverse conditions makes them indispensable in situations where precision and flow management determine the optimal operation of the industrial process. In other words, gate valves are an excellent choice for environments where an uninterrupted flow of liquids and gases is required, with minimum resistance, but where control is essential.

Innovation in the machining of large valves

The valve machining process, especially for large valves, is a challenge that requires innovation to provide exact solutions and ensure that the valve fits correctly and operates with all the guarantees. The complexity of production increases as the size of the valve to be installed increases.

At Talleres Mecánicos Arri, we have experience in solving wedge housing problems in gate bodies, for which we provide innovation, precision, and a tight deadline, always guaranteeing quality to avoid final assembly problems in this type of gate body.

ARRI Machining is committed to quality, innovation and solutions in valve machining.

The gate valve machining process involves several challenges, such as the handling of rigid materials and the need for millimetric precision. At Arri Machining, we face these challenges with a highly qualified team and machines that allow the manufacture of parts with tight tolerances, ensuring optimum valve performance.

Our commitment to quality and innovation has positioned us as an effective and guaranteed solution in the field of gate valve machining

We constantly seek to improve our processes and adopt new technologies to maintain our position in the market.

We work closely with our customers to understand their specific requirements and offer tailor-made solutions that meet their needs and expectations.

At ARRI Machining, we have more than 30 years of experience being your ally in the machining of valves. 

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