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We solve the problems of wedge fitting in the damper bodies

Usually in cast gate bodies where the guides are part of the casting, the geometry of the guides is found to be irregular. This is not usually a surface where machining is foreseen, but during the assembly process when the wedge is fitted, problems arise. These problems result in the need to rework the affected surfaces of the guide with the technical difficulty that this entails and the delay due to the valve assembly stoppage, in addition to the additional costs arising from this process.   

cabezal angular 1


In view of the problems experienced by our customers, we analysed the technical possibilities of incorporating a process that would guarantee the customer that the surface of the guide would not cause any problems in the assembly process due to irregularities in the material. ARRI incorporated in its Trevisan park some angular heads that allow the geometry of the guides to be guaranteed by means of a machining operation. This machining operation is carried out on the same machine, using the same tooling and without generating delays or additional machine preparations. Therefore, the finished part comes out of a single machine that incorporates an operation that ensures the wedge is fitted. 

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Benefits for valve machining

The customer benefits by avoiding a delay in the assembly process that can have an impact of up to 40% on the initially established deadline. Transporting a finished part that is in the assembly process is always a risky operation that can lead to complications. Therefore, the customer, in addition to securing the deadline, obtains savings in reprocessing costs, which can be 15% or much higher depending on the complexity of the operation.