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Arri obtains homologation in welding recovery process

The Gipuzkoan company will add this service that will allow it to offer a value-added process with a single supplier.

The machining company Arri continues its commitment to innovation after obtaining approval in the welding recovery process under the ASME Section IX and EN-ISO-15614-1:2018 standards, in the TIG and MIG-MAG methods, for carbon steel and stainless steel.

With this certification, Arri will be able to offer, in addition to precision machining, the possibility of recovering defects in the cast material supplied by its customers for final machining. With this added value, Arri hopes to consolidate its position among customers as a benchmark supplier of machining for finishing parts.

Arri obtains homologation in welding recovery process

Until now, the last option - which was also the most common one - forced customers in this industry to turn to other welding professionals outside the machining process to solve the defect in the cast raw material detected in the machining process.

From this moment on, Arri has marked a turning point that will ensure its clients obtain the quality demanded by working with a single supplier, avoiding delays caused by the processes of recovery of parts carried out by external companies (specialised professionals or the client's qualified personnel).

homologacion en proceso de recuperacion por soldadura 2

This qualification guarantees the customer the highest quality standards required for this type of defect recovery. 

The Basque company's commitment to the customer is such that it has also proposed to carry out approvals for the most common input materials in the sector (e.g. Stellite Gr6, Inconel 625). This added value will allow the customer to be able to deal more directly and quickly with corrective measures in the event of defects appearing in the material during the machining process.

The official documents of this homologation process have been developed together with the Lortek technology centre: 

  • PQR (Procedure Qualification Record)
  • WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) 
  • WPQ (Welder Performance Qualifications)